The Festival


Welcome to BANG Awards – a magical festival

of unforgettable animated short films, supportive of creative productions by artists from all over the world! Because it is developed on an online platform, BANG reaches all users that can follow the festival from any screen, anywhere in the world. It is an international event, promoted by the Municipality of Torres Vedras, in Portugal; organised by Nau Identidade – Comunicação e Promoção Turística, Lda and produced by Slingshot – Comunicação e Multimédia, Lda.

Directed at digital arts and Multimedia, BANG combines new technology and the magic of animated films. It aims at bringing together different audiences, as are the films that we are sent. Our audience is truly wide and varied, since school children to adults looking for inspiration; from teenagers to whom new technology is the future, to senior citizens that allow themselves to be amazed by new worlds.

In its previous edition, over 300 films and short-films were sent and submitted to the competition! We thank all the participants for creating and sharing unique moments that will forever be in our hearts.

BANG has also intended to give back to the community, through local and international initiatives. Taking on a role as social and artistic intervention agent, it integrates those whose socioeconomic status prevents them from experiencing state-of-the-art technology. BANG aims at involving everybody in a creative process that celebrates our differences, uniting us as human beings. For this reason, we are open to establishing new partnerships, such as we have in the past in Brazil – Projeto Favela é isso Aí; Mozambique – Kugoma and Burkina Faso - Cinema do Desert; EUA – Arte Institute; Portugal – Lx Factory, Pensão Amor. This allowed us to contribute to the public's proximity to cinema and particularly to animation.

Locally, BANG has organised events such as film broadcasts to the homeless, and many more events in Torres Vedras, in BANG Venue. This is a multifuncional room designed to show films and having the public work with technology. More recently, BANG integrated a local project that works with the gipsy community in Torres Vedras, by inviting the children to draw symbols of their culture and later to animate their art. This initiative allowed the children to celebrate their identity with tools of the future.

BANG causes the paradigme to shift from alienation and impediment to inclusion.
BANG is open to the community and values both the creative spirit and that of sharing.

Hence, LOVE is the theme for BANG Awards – International Animated Cinema Festival 4th edition.
LOVE as our common innate ability, as a human force that makes us bond and share.

Feel the LOVE, always! Love for animation and art, for empathy and humanity, for everyone and the moments that bind and inspire us.

Check the Regulation and be a part of the magic world of animation in the 4th edition of BANG, that will take place between 11th and 13th October 2018!

BANG – Where magic happens!
Bang it now!