The Festival

Bang Bike

BANG Bike is the magic carpet of our imaginary world, of our childhood, that takes us to those new exciting worlds of animated films. Inspired and encouraged by VjSuave, this bicycle allows the projection of moving animated images, wherever you are.
The streets we walk on and the walls that surround us become real life canvas, ready to welcome all the magic of a creative and inspiring world. Both children and adults follow its images and music, which contributes to a magical moment.
BANG Bike also invites us to experience new ways of artistic creation, such as digital graffiti, tagtool, etc.

Because it also allows the projection of animated films, this bicycle is a great instrument for itinerant cinema sessions. With this bike, the short animated films of BANG Awards can be watched far beyond the movie theater rooms. That is one of the ultimate goals of BANG Awards: show the films to a much greater audience.

A one of a kind voyage! Be wowed!

Meet BANG Bike: