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In this animation, the character is traveling in hidden spaces revealed by stains and spots of colors. This character represents my intimate self, my emotions, my memories, life, but I think it comes from far away. He could represent whoever, he could represent humanity (fragile, desperate but also curious and brave).
Is a little character dancing around, discovering is surroundings, traveling between dimensions in which during "real life" we are forbid to access. And as quantum physic confirm today :can find itself at the same time here and there and also change his shape and meaning according to the moment and viewer.
The world that I'm trying to create is like the void in the ancient oriental philosophies, not the void as a space where nothing exist, but rather the void as a meeting place between all the cosmic forces, all the lives potentiality, even if invisible for our eyes. Trying to solve and reveal the mystery of the invisible that is in front of us, make it visible through an alter ego, an eternal nomade that can be wherever he wants .
In this animation, the character represents the need of escaping reality, the dissociation with the real and present world. A parallel dimension where it can finally be free. Behaving and acting how he wants, not fearing the judgments. That is why all this piece is linked to dreams: dreams seen as the main parallel dimension that we all are able to reach and we are free to behave as we truly are.

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